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Shanghai International Instruments Show

Writer:STEVE.Number of visits: Date:2012-06-11 09:38:19

    The TYMA is a new brand of guitar, at the Shanghai international instruments show cut a striking figure, customers get the praise and recognition, has won the attention and glory. It can be said that this is our guitar step solid foundation and a key step.

    On this exhibition,Huafeng shows more than fifty types of TYMA guitars, folk and classical each each to get coquettish. Peaceful decoration only background guitar luxury, the quality of intentions to achieve the ideal music. The guests imperceptibly suspended hurried footsteps, have come to feel TYMA guitar sound, pops up from time to time one or two famous song. Alice tenderness, Rananim trilling, frenetic lives alone, there is even a guy came a sudden self. A connecting piece, furthermore, loud shouts of applause.

    More foreign guitar quality masters come to watch," perfect quality, first-class feel, a little flaw", which was derived from the Italy nedov real evaluation. Period is well-known foreign guitar brand recognition, during the exhibition to undertake many OEM orders. They believe that the growth of the TYMA guitar can give the inject new vitality into the industry and bring great surprise! Let our old and new customers to meet the 2012musical instruments of Shanghai.

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