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Travel Guitar Series present: Romantic and lovely fairy

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Travel Guitar Series present: Romantic and lovely fairy—Tyma Baby

Tyma Baby Travel Guitar series have present two solid top model, HB-300 and HB-400. Both are convenient to be carried. No matter laid in the car or carried for a long travel, she makes people easy. Although she has a small body, she can burst into the amazing volume and sweet tone. The two small guitars both made by the same AA stika spruce as a pane, back and side separately with sapele and rosewood. Headstock logo and pattern is designed as a simple fashion romantic style, the twelve of figure board also is inlaid with small romantic font Tyma logo, and matched with the fine fish bone sound hole pattern and edging. All this appears out the tyma travel guitar as a young girl walking on the beach in the morning entirely, who owns exquisite face and angelic voice, and will get greatly admiration when is seen by anyone.


In the morning with soft sunshine,

Strolls with a beloved guitar on the beach.


Plays lightly and slowly,

Sings the beautiful words not a sentence.

Accompanied with nature,

You seem as a fairy simply .

This is the romantic and lovely fairy present by HF.





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